Proven effects of the regular use of PONICA® WATER products:
• Achieving and maintaining a good hydration level of the body with smaller amount of water;
• Increasing the saturation with Oxygen in the blood and normalising of the biochemical parameters;
• Detoxifying the body and accelerating the degradation of alcohol;
• Stimulating regeneration (healing) processes and reducing inflammation processes;
• Improving the coronary and cerebral circulation, stabilising of mental processes;
• Normalising and stabilising the heartbeat, blood pressure and blood sugar levels;
• Reducing and degrading of lactic acid in muscles, increasing of hemoglobin levels;
• Improving of tissue respiration and reducing of tissue hypoxia;
• Stabilising of aerobic metabolism and ion-permeability of the cell membranes;
• Increasing levels of physical and sexual energy, flexibility and stability;
• Improving recovery after severe physical and mental stress;
• Improving skin tone, hair`s and nail`s strength;

SOMETHING VERY IMPORTANT: in the beginning of last century, the scientist Dr. Otto Warburg (Otto Heinrich Warburg) makes a very important scientific discovery and wins a Nobel Prize for medicine in 1931. Its essence is to identify the direct and immediate relation between lack of Oxygen in the human body and the transformation of normal cells into cancer! Dr. Warburg proved that cancer cells cannot exist and develop in an Oxygen-enriched environment!

PLEASE NOTE, that we don`t claim that our water is a medicament against the cancer, and it may substitute the adequate healing! It can be just a very effective means of prevention and prophylaxis against many diseases, including oncologic... But regular drink of water obtained by using of this technology, provides very good cleansing, optimal hydration and saturation of the body with Oxygen!