PONICA® IS NOT NATURAL WATER! It is obtained by special processing of drinking water by using a special equipment. This water has the following main advantages that make it different from any other bottled water:

• IT IS COMPLETELY ABSORBABLE BY THE HUMAN BODY! Its structure provide small size of the molecular groups (clusters), and it is known and proven that the smaller clusters of water provides most highest permeability through the cell membrane to enters inside;

• IT HAS VERY GOOD HYDRATING PROPERTIES, because it is absorbed completely by the body. There is no need to drink 1.5L – 2L ordinary (mineral or spring) water per day to achieve an optimal hydrating effect. If you drink only this water, you would need smaller amount than that;

• IT IS A VERY POWERFUL DE-TOXICANT! Because of its very high level of purity, it is a very powerful solvent of all sediments, toxins, free radicals and heavy metals that have accumulated in the human cells. And since the water is able to pass through cells membrane and enter into the cells, it easy dissolve and dispose them from the body;

• IT IS SUPPLIER OF ADDITIONAL, PURE Oxygen! Oxygen, which is in the water is exactly in the form which it is in when the lungs separate it from the inhaled air and transmit it to the blood. The molecules of this Oxygen are grouped together with the water molecules in clusters and therefore it is absorbed completely by the body`s cells and cannot cause oxidational processes in the body;

Laboratory analysis of PONICA®FRESH WATER before enriching with Oxygen:

Aluminum (Al) mg/dm3 < 0,03
Ammonium ion mg/dm3 < 0,05
Arsenic (As) µg/dm3 -
Boron mg/dm3 < 0,02
Cadmium mg/dm3 < 0,001
Calcium (Ca) mg/dm3 2,4
Chromium (Cr) mg/dm3 < 0,001
Clorides mg/dm3 5,1
Copper (Cu) mg/dm3 < 0,002
Cyanides µg/dm3 < 0,002
Fluorides mg/dm3 -
Iron (Fe) mg/dm3 0,018
Lead (Pb) mg/dm3 < 0,001
Magnesium (Mg) mg/dm3 6,08
Manganese (Mn) mg/dm3 < 0,003
Nickel mg/dm3 < 0,002
Nitrates mg/dm3 2,14
Nitrites mg/dm3 < 0,005
Permanganate oxidation at 20°C mg O2/l 1,04
Phosphates mg/dm3 -
Residual free chlorine mg/dm3 < 0,05
Selenium µg/dm3 -
Sodium mg/dm3 < 1,0
Sulphates mg/dm3 45,66
Zinc mg/dm3 < 0,005
E. coli KOE/100ml 0/100
Coliforms KOE/100ml 0/100
Enterococci KOE/100ml 0/100
Clostridium perfringens KOE/100ml -
Colonies/mn at 22°C KOE/1ml 48

Active reaction (pH) at 20°C 6.5 
Conductivity at 20°C 46.5 µS/cm
Total hardness < 1 mg∑q/dm3
Color Crystal clear, transparent 
Taste Acceptable, pleasant 
Smell None 
Turbidity (FNU) None 
Sediments (sludges) after freezing/unfreezing None 

This is our BASIS water, which we named FRESH WATER, and it is not enriched with Oxygen. All other products are obtained by enrichment of exactly this water with additional Oxygen. Enriching is performed before bottling under the special conditions, at which can achieve concentration up to 100 mg/l (1200%).

NOTE: It is known that the most higher Oxygen content in nature is in the high-mountain water (9 mg/l) and this is taken as 100% Oxygen content in the water! Mineral waters, spring waters, any other bottled waters, and water for household use, have very low content of Oxygen, which is between 4 - 6 mg/l.

You can download analysis report for PONICA®FRESH by clicking here