All our products are created basing on the specially obtained, deeply purified, desalinated, softened and structured drinking water, which is fully absorbable by the human body. It has a very pleasant and delicate taste, which creates a nice sense of freshness... Its high level of purity and permeability into the cells of the body, determine its main features: powerful detoxicating and hydrating effects! This is our BASIS water, which we named FRESH WATER, and which is not enriched with additional Oxygen. Basing on this water are developed all products in this series, by enriching with additional pure Oxygen (99.96%) at the special conditions.

PONICA® OXY SPORT WATER is the most exotic product in this serie. It is highly purified, desalinated, softened, enriched with Oxygen at 75 mg/l (830%) and structured drinking water, with very fresh, nice and pleasant taste, suitable for active people, athletes, people who work in harsh conditions, under intense physical or mental stress, and for those who work in contaminated and toxic environment. Not recommended for unlimited use as table water or drinking water from people who are not under physical or psychological stress!

Bottle: 0.500 ltr, PET (24g) in cartons with 12 bottles;
Oxygen content:: 75 mg/l (830%);
Flavouring/Coloring: strongly not recommended!
Carbonating: strongly not recommended!
Shelf life: 6 months before opening, up to 2 hours after opening the bottle;
Storage: at temperature 2°C - 15°C, without direct sunlight;
Freezing: strongly not recommended!
Consumption: recommended to be served chilled at temperature 6°C - 8°C;

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